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Skinny Sprinkles a new weight loss drink

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by Samantha Jane on 06/02/2013 at 12:37 PM

A fairly new weight loss and energy product on the market is the beautifully packaged Skinny Sprinkles weight loss drink. It comes in powder form which you just add to water. Skinny Sprinkles is not designed to be a meal replacement product. But is designed to fill you up therefore getting rid of hunger pangs and also helping you to reduce the size of the meal portions you eat.

Glucomannan , the main ingredient in Skinny Sprinkles as a recommendation from the European food Safety Authority and has been shown to help reduce body weight. It is perfect as something to be used alongside a calorie controlled weight loss diet

program as it only contains 21 calories per serving and will help to make the diet easier as you will feel less hungry and therefore consume less food.

[B]How does it work?[/B]
As soon as you drink Skinny Sprinkles the Glucomannan begins to work in your stomach it swells and becomes a gel, giving the stomach the same feeling as it would have after you have eaten food. The Glucomannan also helps to delay gastric emptying, this is where food and drink leaves the stomach. By delaying the gastric emptying process you will feel fuller for longer, helping you to stick to your diet.

[B]Skinny Sprinkles[/B]
. Reduces your appetite
. Maintains blood cholesterol levels
. Is gluten-free
. Contains the equivalent of 37.5 grams of strawberries

[B]How to use Skinny Sprinkles[/B]

The product is a weight loss drink mix in powder/ sachet form, ideally you should take it between 15 and 30 minutes before you are due to eat. Just pour the powder into cold water and stir well for30 seconds. If you would like the drink to be slightly thicker leave to stand for a further 30 seconds and youíll have a smoothie type consistency

[B]Will it work?[/B]
Yes of course it will works, drinking a large glass of water before a meal will always help to suppress your appetite but the real magic lies with the Glucomannan which will definitely help you feel full and feel fuller for longer. Pair this with your regular calorie controlled diet and you are onto a surefire weight loss solution.

[B]How to use skinny sprinkles for energy and exercise.
Excercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and taking Skinny Sprinkles before exercise makes working out for longer easier. Alternatively, take Skinny Sprinkles to raise your energy levels during those times of day when you feel tired and lethargic.

Thanks to the caffeine contained in Skinny Sprinkles, a drink before you hit the treadmill supports a workout plan by increasing endrance capacity and performance, reducing the level of exertion/effort needed during exercise.

The natural caffeine boost from both Guarana and Green Tea, helps support mental alertness and sharpness too, keeping you on your toes!

Did you know...... Guarana is twice as concentrated in caffeine as coffee beans - your kick without the coffee! Plus each serving of Skinny Sprinkles delivers a similar amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso.
Calories burnt by common forms of exercise
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" align="right" alt="E Beauty LTD" /></a>
Aerobics 20 Minutes 100 calories
Cross Trainer 15 Minutes 90 calories
Cycling 15 Minutes 93 calories
Dancing 25 Minutes 112 calories
Gardening 25 Minutes 95 calories
Jogging 15 Minutes 90 calories
Swimming (Breaststroke) 10 Minutes 91 calories
Tennis 15 Minutes 108 calories
Walking 30 Minutes 105 calories
Weight Training 40 Minutes 96 calories
Yoga 40 Minutes 104 calories

<a href=""><img src="" align="right"></a>The amount of weight you will lose ,Thatís a difficult one to answer! But on average women need around 2,000 calories a day to stay at their existing weight and men 2,500. Government advice suggests that a reduction of 500 calories a day below these levels will lead to a loss in weight of about 1LB in one week, so if you are a female and using Skinny Sprinkles to make dieting easier expect to lose between 1-2 lbs a week. This will vary depending how much you have to lose .You may lose more especially at the beginning but the best way to lose weight and keep it off is slowly.

[B]I'm on medication can I take Skinny Sprinkles[/B] ? best to check with your doctor

[B]I'm a Vegetarian and would like to try Skinny Sprinkles can I ?[/B] Skinny Sprinkles is suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans and is registered with the Vegan Society so no worries .

[B]Can I have a small drink occasionally?[/B]
There is nothing in Skinny Sprinkles, which will prevent you from drinking. Alcohol however is bad news when trying to lose weight, itís just so heavy on calories. So your going to have to make some sacrifice. You canít realistically expect to lose weight in a healthy way if you drink too much alcohol. So If you like a drink just use it as an incentive - a treat at the end of the week.

[B]I'm on a gluten free diet is Skinny Sprinkles OK for me?[/B] Yes it is fine there is no gluten in Skinny Sprinkles and is perfectly safe for you to take.

[B]I have a lactose intolerance can I take Skinny Sprinkles[/B]? There are no dairy products in Skinny Sprinkles. But that doesnít mean you canít have a delicious Skinny Sprinkles shake. I have tried a Skinny Sprinkles shake using lactose free milk and fresh strawberries and it still tastes divine.

[B]I am a diabetic and would like to take Skinny Sprinkles can I?[/B] Being overweight and obesity are a known cause of type 2 diabetes. So following a calorie controlled diet with Skinny Sprinkles can help. Weight loss does changes to your metabolism so before taking Skinny Sprinkles always seek the advice of your GP .

[B]Are Skinny Sprinkles available to buy on the High Street[/B]? You can only buy Skinny Sprinkles here and some selected retailers. They have not to gone to the high street just yet so they can keep the costs down .

see link below to purchase your skinny sprinkles..

[URL=""]You can read more and buy it here at[/URL]


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