Samantha Janes

Samantha Janes

[SIZE="2"]:wave Welcome to my site Samantha Janes xxx :wave

As you may of guessed my name is Samantha Jane, I have set up this site for all you "girly girls" out there like me. "Sorry guys", but I doubt you would find anything on here of any interest let alone understand what we are going on about :rolleyes::rolleyes: but if your looking for ideas for presents for the ladies in your life feel free to have a look about ...xx

I'm a qualified Beauty Therapist and Fitness Instructor/ Personnel Trainer and sooooo love to shop as you will be able to guess once you have seen my site. I aim to provide details of interesting web sites I come across details of any Flash Sale or new products that I find out about and any bargains I come across.

The site also has a [url=][b]top picks[/b][/url] section were I put up any items I come across or have brought that I think others would like and in post your own pictures I hope you might do the same.

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My [url=""][b]blog[/b][/url] is updated all the time with exciting and interesting things I have found.

My [url=""][b]featured blogs[/b][/url] show my most interesting posts I think you will like the best.

The [url=][b]shop section[/b][/url] has items I find appealing or just very good value, I'm always for looking for a bargain!!!!!!

You can even post your own fashion photos, in [url=][b]Post Your Own Pictures[/b][/url]

OMG section - yes "Oh My God" - either crazy items, expensive items, or just wish list in your wildest dreams in [url=][b]OMG[/b][/url]

Coming soon will be an APP, teenage section, tutorials in health and beauty issues, to name just a few ... if you have any ideas please drop me a line in the [url=""][b]Ask Samantha[/b][/url] section.

I shall also be making a section, or even a dedicated website, about the dreaded word [b]Diet[/b]. I am going to soon be reviewing one of the latest new diet products [b][URL=""]Skinny Sprinkles[/URL][/b], they sell them in Selfridges but when I was last there they had sold out in just days. Could be worth a look. For a start here is my [b][URL=""]Diet Blogs[/URL][/b]

I will also be personally reviewing various products myself. One I am very much looking forward to is [b][URL=""]Eye Secrets[/URL][/b], this sounds an amazing product to improve the look of your eyes without cosmetic surgery.

Another one under the microscope will be [b][URL=""]Proactol Plus[/URL][/b] which I will be testing on my partner who needs to lose a couple of stones.

So please have a good look around , tell your friends, use the Facebook and Twitter shares, and bookmark me.

Enjoy .....

LOVE [img][/img]

Samantha Jane xxx :wave:wave:wave[/SIZE]

Skinny Sprinkles

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